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IXOS - Case Logic |  IXOS


Range of CD/DVD Storage Cases & DJ Boxes

iPod & MP3 Accessories

Range of Quality Accessories and Enhancements for your iPod and MP3 player including Cases, Speakers, Headphones & Screen Protectors

SCART Cables

Outstanding performance with regular round cable available in lengths up to 5 Metres


Ixos HDMI & DVI interconnects, Connects Your DVD, Satellite Receiver or Computer System To Your DVI/HDMI Plasme/LCD Television

PlayStation & Xbox Connecting Cables

Connect your Xbox™ or PlayStation™ to your TV, AV Amplifier or Video with a quality cable for improved picture and sound quality

IXOS® cables are constructed using the finest cabling materials and technologies, enabling you to get the best from your Xbox™ or PlayStation™ entertainment system.

Use a Quality IXOS cable to enhance the picture and sound of your favourite game

Cables for:-
Microsoft Xbox™ to SCART
Microsoft Xbox™ to Composite Video
Microsoft Xbox™ to DVI
Microsoft Xbox™ to HDMI

Sony PlayStation™ to SCART
Sony PlayStation™ to Composite Video
Sony PlayStation™ to DVI
Sony PlayStation™ to HDMI

Computer Cables

Ixos High Quality Firewire & USB Cables and Accessories Connect Peripherals to your PC or Laptop

Digital Interconnects - Toslink

Digital Connecting Cables allowing you to connect your CD, DVD or DAC to your AV Amplifier

Audio Interconnects

High Quality Connecting Cables From CD, DVD,Tuner, Turntable To Your Amplifier
Improve Audio Integrity & Detail
Protection From External Noise

Video Interconnects

Component Video cable & S-Video cable takes advantage of the best materials and manufacturing quality available to provide an unmatched level of performance.

Subwoofer Interconnects

Ixos Subwoofer Connecting Cables In Various Lenghts, Connects Your Subwoofer To Your AV Amplifier & Improve Sound Quality For Greater Bass Frequency Impact

Speaker Cable

IXOS Speaker Cable & Connectors

IXOS - Case Logic |  IXOS